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of these houses are lit because none of these houses have power. as you just said, there are thousands of people in arlington, thousands of folks who use dominion virginia power who do not have power this morning. same with pepco. here's a downed tree limb right here. i've got to tell you that this is like the best of it because coming up this road we saw some extreme damage throughout this area. tom kierein is saying what they experienced here in the rivercrest neighborhood, basically straight line winds. 16 miles per hour. that's as fast as those winds came through here yesterday. no sign of any kind of tornadoes in this area, no sign of any kind of circulation causing this damage, but just high winds. he's saying it doesn't appear to be an issue with circulation because of this right here. the fact we still have leaves here on tree limbs. if this was a tornado, then we wouldn't be seeing these leaves. they would have been ripped off of the limbs.
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that was his main question for me is what do you see on the tree limbs? are they still leaves? they're still leaves and what we're dealing with here again is high winds that caused this damage throughout this neighborhood. i've got to tell you, folks, do not take for granted that fire crews are going to be out here and police are going to be at every intersection where there's damage. as we said, driving up here, it almost looks as though this neighborhood is untouched. the fact we have this one power line labeled with yellow tape to keep people from going through that way and one cone there. as you can see, no police cars. you can drive right up onto that and keep going if you're not paying attention. pay attention this morning as you're commuting, as you're getting out there and driving around. if you're leaving out of your house this morning, then just be very careful. it's really good we do have a holiday today and we most likely won't have as many people on the roads as we normally do. there is extreme damage throughout the area. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning. back to you all in studio. >> the storm was fatal in one
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instance. the heavy rains being blamed for the death of a man in montgomery county. the 56-year-old man was riding his bicycle along the c&o canal towpath in the poolesville area when a tree fell on him. he died at the scene. police have not released his name or where he was from. very dangerous to be out in those storms. >> 4:32 right now. tom kierein is here to see what we're going to deal with today. unfortunately, we do have the possibility of afternoon storms, or perhaps the evening we could get storms as well. that would be, unfortunately, during the time of the fireworks display and the concert on the mall. there is that possibility. so if you're going to be heading there, certainly have an umbrella with you. right now around the region we have some showers pulling out of the mountains of west virginia now, just coming into the shenandoah valley. the temperatures are in the low to mid-70s now. danella, how's traffic? so far i'm checking our roadways, and we have a good commute.
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i know we have power outages, but i don't see any major delays or incidents right now at this time. let's take a live look at our roadwa roadways. 95 south of lorton, in virginia, you have a smooth ride. great time to be traveling if you're heading for the beaches just for the day. here's the key bridge, also looking good. and how about that american legion bridge? the roads are clear with no incidents to report. back to you. >> thanks very much, danella. there may be a bigger crowd at one of d.c.'s most popular july 4th attractions this year, the capitol fourth concert. that's because hundreds were attending the dress rehearsal last night, and they had to be evacuated from the capitol grounds and the national mall all because those storms pushed through. news 4's derrick ward reports. >> reporter: the stage became a shelter from the storm. just before, the stage had been strucking, and members of the u.s. army ceremonial band were wrapping up their run through when the storm blew through.
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>> suddenly the wind came in and the rain, and it was very dark and chaotic for a while. >> reporter: it sent spectators scurrying. >> people were running, and it just came by and swooped right through this area. >> going to the garage. >> it started raining really bad, and i thought to myself, i'm hiding behind this little capitol stand thing, and this really nice lady was like come sit in my car. so we sat in there and waited it out. >> reporter: the capitol police had begun evacuating attendees ahead of the dark clouds in the northern sky. >> you can stay if you want, but i wouldn't suggest it. >> reporter: some were sent to the legislative garage to weather the storm, and not a moment too soon when they had streamed out just moments before, this massive tree branch came crashing down. and then the cleanup began. all in a day's work on this day? yes. before it was all over, some tents came down, and toilets
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were toppled. as an executive producer of capitol fourth told us, it's all par for the course. >> it's a circus in a way, but it's a fouth of july circus. >> reporter: after a quick cleanup, the show did go on, just without all the spectators. so thanks to the quick thinking and quick action by authorities here on the west end of the capitol, no one got hurt. if on the fourth things turn nasty again, folks can take some comfort in knowing they've got a plan. at the capitol, derrick ward, "news 4 today." police from seven agencies in northern virginia joining forces to crack down on drunk drivers this fourth of july. instead of setting up checkpoints, extra officers are on patrol looking for driving violations. police urge people celebrating this long weekend with alcohol to take a cab or have a designated driver to help protect everyone on the road. getting a safe ride home is as easy as picking up the phone. the sober ride program will be offering free taxi rides to partiers in the district and
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several counties in maryland and virginia. all you have to do is call 1-800-200-taxi. you'll be able to get a free ride up to a $30 fare. taxis will be running from 10:00 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow morning. this morning a man is charged with second degree murder that occurred during a violent night in montgomery county. this happened at a family get together at a house on steven kwort in gaithersburg. police say it started with an argument between 23-year-old brandon dashiell and justin carter. authorities say that dashiell hit carter in the head several times, leaving him unconscious. carter was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. new overnight, what started as a domestic dispute has now ended with two people dead, including a memphis police officer. police were responding to the second disturbance call of the night at the doubletree hotel in the memphis entertainment district when shots rang out. eight-year veteran of the force timothy warren was hit and was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. another man was shot and killed
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in the crossfire. memphis police say they do have one man in custody. jury deliberations are expected to begin in the casey anthony trial. the prosecution will deliver its final rebuttal, the judge will give instructions, and will hand the case over to the jury. nbc's jay gray has the latest from orlando. >> reporter: with pictures and video of caylee anthony framing his closing arguments, prosecutor jim ashton describes the web of lies the state alleges led to the girl's death. >> casey anthony maintains her lies until they absolutely cannot be maintained anymore. >> reporter: and provided a day by day narrative of how they believe it happened. >> she knew that that night she would be in the arms of her boyfriend and that caylee would be dead. >> the way the case was presented the first couple weeks. >> reporter: defense attorney jose baez fired back. >> if you hate her, if you think she's a lying no good slut, then you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. >> reporter: baez said the lies
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and questionable behavior were the result of a dysfunctional family that hid secrets, including the fact that casey was pregnant. >> this is outrageous! >> reporter: he challenged state witnesses, evidence, and every key element of the prosecution's case. as the emotion and tension in the courtroom grew, he challenged ashton as well. >> depending on who's asking the questions, whether it's this laughing guy right here or whether it's myself. >> objection. >> sustained. approach the bench. >> reporter: the outburst in front of the jury led to a delay and an angry reprimand from the judge. >> enough is enough. >> you can't trust this evidence. >> reporter: as the closing arguments resumed, baez returned to his overriding theme. >> if it is difficult for you to find the truth, then this case is not proven. >> reporter: after the prosecution's rebuttal later this morning and instructions from the judge, the jury will begin their search for that truth. jay gray, nbc news, orlando. this morning firefighters are making progress against new mexico's largest wildfire, which
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has forced thousands from los alamos and the country's premiere nuclear weapons lab. overnight, officials lifted the evacuation order. so far the los conchas fire has scorched 33,000 acres. the fire no longer poses a threat to the lab, but it will remain closed for all but essential personnel until further notice. crews continue to search for oil from a pipeline spill in montana's yellow river. an estimated 42,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the river when an exxon mobil pipeline broke. company executives say they're doing their best to sop up the oil, and workers are monitoring the air and water quality. there's no word on why the pipe broke, but there's speculation that heavy rain and flooding left it vulnerable to debris. ahead on "news 4 today," how nasa is preparing for one of its most memorable weeks ever.
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chances are that's exactly what you heard and saw at your home yesterday. lots of rain, thunder, and possibly a lightning show as some severe storms moved through the area last night. this is video from a viewer who was in leesburg. let's go right now to meteorologist tom kierein.
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he's in stormcenter 4 to see whether we're going to have any of our holiday festivities rained out or stormed up today. tom? >> we could unfortunately later this afternoon or evening. right now, though, things are calm. there's a live view from our city camera looking at the washington monument under a partly cloudy sky on this fourth of july morning. right now on radar, we do have a few light showers coming out of the mountains of west virginia, just coming into the shenandoah valley now, just coming into shenandoah county drifting toward page county, and south of there near harrisonburg, rockingham county, getting a lot shower there. these are drifting off to the east. elsewhere, we might have a few sprinkles in montgomery county. otherwise, we are dry and settled this morning. temperatures near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. it's in the mid-70s in washington and right near the chesapeake bay. and at the atlantic beaches in the upper 70s there. here's how we have been behaving here over the last 12 hours. you see those storms have drifted off through the evening
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hours and now off to the atlantic sea board. those are heading east of us. we still have an upper level disturbance yet to come through here later today. as a result, we do have the possibility of late afternoon storms. but between now and then, we will have a partly cloudy sky this morning. by 9:00, we'll be near 80. by midafternoon we should be up around 90 degrees. then it's late afternoon perhaps around 5:00, 6:00 in there. we could have the very first of a few storms popping up and coming through. temperatures by then will be in the low 80s. unfortunately, we do have the possibility of some passing thunderstorms through the evening for the big fireworks display and the concert on the mall. there could be an interruption from a brief passing thunderstorm. then after that, we'll have any storminess dissipating by midnight. by this time tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. a look at the rest of the week and into the weekend in about ten minutes. now let's check traffic. danella, how's it looking? >> possible storms not good
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news. right now the traffic is great news. i'm checking the roadways for you. d.c., your roadways are looking excellent. i don't see any incidents to report. i want to show you montgomery county first. this is 495 and connecticut avenue. if you're traveling the beltway, the beltway in maryland and virginia, it's a clear ride for you this morning as we check out 395. this is north of edsall road. 395 north and south, checking the lanes for you, checking the roadways, and it is a smooth commute as we make our way to d.c. right now, rhode island avenue and south dakota. it is smooth for you as well. great news on the roadways. back to you. >> 4:35 is the time. still to come, a nod to chesapeake bay. the ranking that may make you want to head to the eastern shore on this fourth of july. and a live look at the white house right now.
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the newly renovated southeast waterfront is expected to be packed tonight for july fourth festivities. the national freedom fest has been going on all weekend. the event features dozens of local bands, plenty of food, and even a beer garden. if it gets a little warm, you can take a dip in the fountain to cool off, just like these kids did yesterday. the festival starts back up at 1:00 this afternoon and runs through the fireworks display tonight. communities around our region have been making big plans for independence day. don't feel like you have to flock with the big crowds to the national mall. >> no, indeed. chances are the fireworks, funnel cakes, and fun are going to be right in your backyard. in maryland, there are events all day at frederick's baker park, including live music and bathtub races. fireworks start at 9:30 tonight. or head to kensington this
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morning for its annual bike parade, starting at 10:00. there will also be an independence parade in dale city, virginia, at 10:00 this morning. if you're looking for a little history, you can attend the reading of the declaration of independence at the national archives between 7:30 and 11:30 this morning. there will also be a big bash on the white house lawn today. the first family will host soldiers and their families with a big barbecue on the south lawn. administration members and their families are also invited to attend. president obama once again embracing social media to reach out to potential voters. the president is holding his first ever twitter town hall on thursday. the cyber event will feature questions about the struggling economy and the job market. president obama's answers won't be subjected to the site's 140 character limit, and questions will be selected by twitter's founder jack dorsey. 4:49 is the time today. the crew of nasa's final space shuttle launch will arrive at kennedy's space center in
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florida. four astronauts are scheduled to blast off on friday in shuttle "atlantis." the crew will bring supplies to the international space station. after this final flight, "atlantis" will be sent to a museum as nasa closes the chapter on its space shuttle program. in 30 years nasa oversaw 135 shuttle missions, including the launch of the hubble telescope and john glenn's return to space. the woman poised to become thailand's first female prime minister says it will be difficult to reconcile her divided country, but she's ready to do what it takes. preliminary results show 44-year-old shinawatra's party having the votes needed to win the former government. her brother was a prime minister but was ousted in 2006. he's living in dubai to avoid corruption charges that he says are politically motivated.
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and william and kate will spend the time today on prince edward island. it's the home of anne of green gables, a fictional character who is said to be kate's favorite. william will co-pilot a chopper making an emergency landing. they'll spend a few days in canada before visiting california on july 8th. thousands of people making their way to d.c. for holiday events. one man is arriving in town after having traveled nearly 4,000 miles across country in a wheelchair. you've never seen a wheelchair quite like this one. chuck dyer is hoping to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. he was paralyzed in a motocross accident 11 years ago. to raise awareness, he hand built a motorized wheelchair and set out from california five weeks ago. the chair goes along at 55 miles an hour. needless to say, he gets a lot of looks from motorists and a few questions from police. >> i built this gas powered
4:52 am
wheelchair, and i decided that i would go do something for spinal cord research. something i've never done anything like this before and just kind of jumped into it. didn't know what i was doing, learned a lot on the road. >> for him, dyerson says he hopes to get the attention of members of congress and the president before he leaves d.c. that's quite a machine. >> kind of cool with the engine on there. 4:52 is your time right now. tom kierein is here with a look at the forecast today. going to start out okay and get a little ugly. yeah, indeed. for all the picnics and parades for the daylight hours, i think we're going to stay dry. by around sunset is when we have a possibility of some storms coming through. right now radar not picking up any rain near washington. however, we are seeing a little bit of light rain in the central and southern shenandoah valley. those are drifting off to the east. we did have a few showers in the northern part of shenandoah
4:53 am
valley. those have now dissipated the last hour or so. just a few clouds passing over washington where temperatures are in the mid-70s. it's in the 70s at the chesapeake bay and inland. still rather humid this morning, but actually it's dropped, the humidity level since yesterday. out of the mountains, a pleasant morning. western maryland, much of west virginia in the low and mid-60s on this fourth of july morning. the big storms came through, did their damage in mostly virginia, and now they're way out to sea and dissipating. still have the cloudiness around. there are the showers in the southwest, drifting to the east/southeast. we'll get breaks in the clouds and ought to get sunshine breaking out here as we start off the day. right now it's partly cloudy over the mall. there's a live picture from the city camera. sunrise around 5:45. and we'll have temperatures by 9:00 in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. some sunshine in and out all the way to much of the afternoon. however, it's late afternoon. especially areas off to our west, could have some storms in
4:54 am
the shenandoah valley and the mountains late afternoon. right around washington, we will probably not have any storms arriving perhaps until around 7:00 or 8:00. that's right at the time people will be gathering on the mall. that's the time, unfortunately, of the big concert on the mall, the capitol, as well as the big fireworks display. they may be interrupted bypassing thunderstorms and then partly cloudy after midnight tonight. tuesday partly cloudy and still not too humid. afternoon highs around 90. getting more humid on wednesday, might get storms then, and hot and humid on thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. now let's check traffic. danella, how's it looking? >> we are looking great. this is a great time to travel, if only the sun was up and you didn't have to be up this early, i would suggest being on the road right now. look at this. this is 270 in clarksburg. 270, it's a great ride for you north and south as you're traveling this morning. heading over, this is the beltway in virginia at robinson terminal. i can tell you that beltway, inner loop and outer loop in virginia have no incidents to
4:55 am
report for you as you make your way right now. this is 66 at sully road. sully road east and west, it's a great ride so far. time is 4:54. coming up, lightning strikes. we'll show you the widespread damage from last night's storms. q
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welcome back. this fourth of july you don't have to go far to get the best seafood in america. >> not at all. maryland's chesapeake bay takes the top spot. maryland's eastern shore is the top place you can get the freshest crabs in the country. coming in second, baton rouge, louisiana, for its craw fish. boston made the list for its oysters. georgetown, maine, highlighted for lobsters. and charleston, south carolina, picked for its atlantic shrimp. it has become a fourth of july tradition along with barbecuing and fireworks. it's the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest. that competition takes place today on coney island, new york, and will feature some local flavor. alexandria's own sonya thomas, better known as the black widow, will chow down today, competing in a brand new women's division. thomas was on the "today" show yesterday and talked about training for this unique contest. >> i don't have any special
4:59 am
training. i've been doing for years. so, you know, just focus. >> so the training isn't walking into a restaurant and ordering 41 hot dogs and sitting down at a table and turning heads as you start eating these? >> no. >> today's 96th annual nathan's hot dog eating contest begins at noon, and she's 105 pounds. and the last time i think she ate, i think it was 70 some odd hot dogs in ten minutes. >> if they weighed her immediately after, i wonder what she would have weighed. >> big difference then, right? >> i don't want to know what it would be 15 minutes afterwards. >> good point. meanwhile, in the united kingdom pub cooked its way into the guinness book of records. the wensleydale cooked up a record fish and chips. the pub served the snack to locals who showed up to celebrate their record set

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